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The right message
gets results

From value propositions pitched at the right customers,
to internal comms that gets your people engaged,
we mould strategy into a story.



Sell the value proposition

Many businesses don't really know who their ideal customers are – or should be. They don’t know what matters to those customers – in products and service. In turn, they can't explain why their ideal customer should choose their product or service over the competition. And that means sales people sell on price, not value.

Our VP strategy process solves that problem.


Get your people engaged

Change is constant and yet change management programs often fail. Why? Change is a process that happens over time, and it’s also a people journey that involves different emotions. Organisations often fail to create a sense of urgency and a change story people buy into – at all levels. That means people resist and fail to engage.

Our internal comms approach addresses those issues.


Embed marketing excellence

A lot of industrial companies are sales or engineering led. What’s often overlooked is the science of marketing: how your people understand customer needs, pinpoint customer problems, evaluate competitors and markets, design and test products, solutions and improvements, and grow awareness, conversion and retention.

Our marketing process consulting and training targets those gaps.

“We do much more than write copy.
We help shape strategy and then 'package it'.”

Amanda Falconer

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