Differentiate or disappear

Australia’s business heartland – from industrial products businesses to professional services - faces challenging times. Commoditisation increases already fierce pricing competition and declining margins. Disruption brings new business models on a small and large scale, which increases competition even further.

How will businesses not only survive, but also thrive in this situation?

The answer is differentiation. In her book, Differentiate or disappear: How to thrive in the midst of disruption, management consultant and brand strategy expert Amanda Falconer, argues that the kind of differentiation essential in today’s competitive environment, is one built on a tangible, real benefit that’s unique.


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Who we work with and what they say

"Amanda has moderated an array of strategic forums across Australia for RobertsDay over the past 5 years. Amanda’s animated and inspiring leadership has been instrumental in assisting us clearly articulate our Great Places Process and enunciate our unique role in the market place. We are also indebted to Amanda for helping us craft a company banner that incisively describes the essence of our service: planning, design and place.”

Mike Day, co-founder, RobertsDay

"I have always maintained that you are one of the best marketers I have ever worked with and this hasn't changed! - both in terms of strategy and making it real - and you are one of the few people I know that can really nail a value proposition, but more importantly how to roll it out.”

Andy Spoel, General Manager Sales and Marketing, Hanson

"We came to Amanda with a plethora of ideas and thoughts of a service to sell. However by being totally immersed in it, we were unable to see the direction that we could take to target the clients and also identify the key selling points that would make an impact to them. Amanda, with her keen sense and objectivity, was able to quickly whittle away the excess to find us the gem that we knew we had. It was a breath of fresh air working with her.”

John Raffaele, Partner Business Advisory, HLB Mann Judd

"We have worked with Talking Brand in relation to a very significant piece of business for which our client required us to clearly communicate the value that we could deliver. Amanda and her team helped us to tease out what was our specific differentiation to our competitors. The process that Amanda took us through challenged us to deeply explore what was important to our client and to reflect upon those things we did best…it was a most challenging but rewarding experience as we had to reflect upon where the true value was and communicate that accordingly…The story that was created resonated amazingly well with our client and was an integral part of our successful re-appointment.”

Matt Gardiner, Partner Business Advisory, HLB Mann Judd

“Amanda has been a great marketer to work with. If you get the chance to work with her, hear her presentation or do a workshop with her, let her lead and be part of her process.”

Robert Gooden, General Manager, Riverbank Stockfeeds

“If time is of the essence and driving change in your business is of importance,  Amanda Falconer and her team will ensure the job is done right the first time on time!”

Peter Bozzo, Managing Director, Bozzo Group

“What made her the right fit for us was her knowledge and her skill set. Obviously she just knew branding and marketing. Everything she said, said that she was a real, experienced expert in that area with commercial nous. It came through, and then of course, she is just really bright and intelligent. You know, she’s just a buzz and so we were just blown away. I’ve never struck anyone quite like her before...I just love working with her.”

Dr Ray Johnson, Managing Director, Agricultural Appointments

“Working with Amanda, we have learned an enormous amount about a side of marketing we were all a bit daunted about. It has given us the confidence to go out there and start making a noise... and get ourselves noticed as a company that can speak with authority about industry issues and potential solutions.”

Stephanie Olsen, Marketing Manager, Knauf Plasterboard

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